Blessed. Optimistic. Confident.

Kaitlin Absent

Kaitlin Absent is an 11th grade student at Westgate High School in New Iberia, Louisiana. She decided to join the New Orleans ACT-SO branch last summer, after being inspired by the positive influence she witnessed the program have on its students. She received a gold medal in two categories of the 2017 local ACT-SO competition in Music Instrumental: Contemporary and Classical. For the Music Instrumental Contemporary category, she performed I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. For the Music Instrumental Classical category, she performed a piece from the book of Ferling Études. Due to her accomplishments in the local competition, Kaitlin has advanced to compete at the national ACT-SO competition this year in Baltimore, Maryland!

Three Words to Describe Feelings About National Competition

Blessed, optimistic, and confident. Kaitlin feels blessed because this competition has given her the amazing opportunity to travel and pursue her dreams. She feels optimistic because she lives by her motto, “positive vibes and a positive attitude equals success.” Lastly, she feels confident because music is the only thing that she has known her entire life, and she believes that this is her opportunity to truly make a name for herself.

Nerves & Excitement

With all of the high energy and celebration during the competition, Kaitlin is most nervous about remaining focused throughout the entirety of her performances. However, she is really looking forward to engulfing herself in the experience as a whole as well as receiving criticism from judges that she will use to improve her performances for future competitions. Kaitlin also hopes to gain new friendships and musical exposure from competing in the national competition.

Personal Motivation

“As long as I can perform to the best of my ability, have a wonderful experience, and touch someone’s heart, I know that nationals will be for me.” – Kaitlin Absent

We wish you the best of luck, Kaitlin, in the 2017 national ACT-SO competition!


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