Affirmation. Humility. Determination.

Kalonjee Gallimore Kalonjee Gallimore is a junior at Dekalb School of the Arts in Avondale Estates, Georgia. He was initially attracted to the ACT-SO program when it was publicized to the student body of his high school. Through further research, he became drawn in by the fact that ACT-SO is a competition made for and by intelligent, aspiring people of color just like himself. Kalonjee competed in the local 2017 Dekalb County ACT-SO branch competition in the Dramatics category. He received a gold medal for his two award-winning monologues; the first monologue was from August Wilson’s play, Jitney, where he portrayed the character of Becker. The second monologue was a piece from Steve Tesich’s play, Nourish the Beast. Due to his accomplishments at the local competition, Kalonjee has advanced to compete at the national ACT-SO competition in Baltimore, Maryland this upcoming July!

Three Words to Describe Feelings about National Competition

Affirmation, humility and determination.  Being chosen out of a large group of talented Georgian students to represent the Dekalb County branch at the national ACT-SO competition affirmed Kalonjee’s belief in his artistic abilities. It has made him more determined to continue to work hard to pursue his passion for performing arts. This opportunity has also humbled Kalonjee because he feels honored and grateful to be able to represent his local town on a such a large stage: “Competing [at] nationals fills me with a drive to represent myself,  my branch, and blacks in the best capacity that I possibly can.”

Nerves & Excitement

Kalonjee is not nervous about the national competition because he feels prepared and ready to showcase his craft to the world. He is looking forward to the opportunity to meet and compete alongside like-minded, creative young people similar to himself. He cannot wait to compete this upcoming July. Over the summer, he will be training at NYU Tisch School of the Arts High School Musical Theater Program to prepare for the national competition. In addition to winning a gold medal, Kalonjee hopes to gain many new friends and an innovative perspective on the field of drama.


“Definitely do it! If you are passionate about any area of ACT-SO and are on the fence about whether to compete,  definitely do it!” – Kalonjee Gallimore

We wish you the best of luck, Kalonjee, in the 2017 national ACT-SO competition!




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