Euphoric. Jubilant. Terrified.

Calvin BellCalvin Roosevelt Bell III is a rising sophomore from Moorestown Friends School in Moorsetown, New Jersey. He was introduced to ACT-SO by a family friend who encouraged him to join the program. At first, he was a bit apprehensive about it because of his busy schedule in and outside of school. However, after learning about the program’s history and the opportunities it has given high school students of color, it amazed and inspired him. Calvin was a gold medalist at the 2017 local Camden County ACT-SO branch competition in the Computer Science category for his project, Waste-To-Move: An Environmental Neighborhood Watch App for Urban Areas. Due to his accomplishments at the local competition, Calvin has advanced to compete at the national competition in Baltimore, Maryland this upcoming July!

Three Words to Describe Feelings about National Competition

Euphoric, jubilant and terrified. Calvin is euphoric about competing in his very first national ACT-SO competition. The ACT-SO program has presented him with many first time experiences, so he is anxious to take everything in, one moment at a time. He feels jubilant because he is at the peak of his first ACT-SO experience and, no matter what happens at the national competition, he knows that he will still be a winner. Calvin will remind himself that, regardless of the results, he has a lot to offer and is a great competitor to have been chosen to compete against the most intelligent and creative young minds around the country. Lastly, he feels terrified because this competition is the largest event of the entire ACT-SO program. He is nervous because this will be his first national ACT-SO competition, and he wants to have much success. However, he is anxious about having to compete against other very qualified and talented students.

Nerves & Excitement

Calvin is most nervous about having to present his work in front of the judges. Although he enjoys public speaking, he is anxious about all of the pressure he will feel from not only the judges, but the rest of his competition watching him. He hopes that he will present his technology to the judges in an efficient and effective manner, so that they have a proper understanding of its use and impact on the world. Calvin is looking forward to representing the state of New Jersey at a nationwide event. He is also looking forward to meeting new students and connecting with them through their various talents and creativity. He hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the impact that minorities have on the world and what they can offer to society as a whole. He is eager to see what his fellow ACT-SO peers have created and published as their works of art too. Lastly, Calvin cannot wait to witness the impact that ACT-SO has on other high school students, because it is a program that offers so many valuable opportunities that can change these students’ lives forever.


“Keep an open-mind and have a good motive for getting involved. Make sure that you are passionate and determined, throughout the competition months, in order to gain a perspective of what ACT-SO can offer. Get involved in order to share your intellect, talent, and creativity, because ACT-SO is the perfect platform to do so.” – Calvin Roosevelt Bell III

We wish you the best of luck, Calvin, in the 2017 national competition!



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