Excited. Anxious. Focused.

Angel CreekmurAngel Dela’houssaye-Creekmur graduated from the Academy of Richmond County High School in Augusta, Georgia in May 2017. This fall, she will attend Augusta Tech to study Cosmetology, Georgia Military College to study Business, and Georgia Southern University to study Fashion. Angel was originally attracted to the ACT-SO program because she saw it as an opportunity to do what she loves to do: sing and have her vocal talents be heard. She competed in the 2017 local Augusta-Richmond County ACT-SO branch competition, where she placed as a gold medalist in the Vocal Contemporary category for her performance of Black Butterfly by Denice Williams.

Due to her accomplishments at the local competition, Angel has advanced to compete at the national competition in Baltimore, Maryland this upcoming July!

ACT-SO History

Angel is a seasoned national ACT-SO competitor as she competed at the 2016 national competition in three different categories: Photography, Dramatics and Vocal Classical. She did not receive any medals for her work that year; however, Angel thoroughly enjoyed her experience and is excited to be back competing again this year.

Three Words to Describe Feelings about National Competition

Excited, anxious and focused. Angel feels these emotions because she believes that in a competition of this caliber, a competitor must be focused on his or her goal, anxious to make history, and excited to meet new people who have some of the same interests and passions as she/he does.

Nerves & Excitement

Angel feels more prepared competing at the national competition this year because it will be her second year competing and she now knows what to expect. She is not particularly nervous about anything concerning the competition, and she is looking forward to meeting new people and creating new friendships and connections.


“Do it. Don’t let anyone hold you back from greatness and an opportunity that could change your life forever.” – Angel Dela’houssaye-Creekmur

We wish you the best of luck, Angel, in the 2017 national competition!


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