Excited. Grateful. Humble.

james-wilcox-e1498061976448.jpgJames Wilcox is a rising senior at Village Christian High School in Sun Valley, California. He was initially introduced to ACT-SO by a friend who had previously participated in the program and loved the experience. James competed at the 2017 local Altadena ACT-SO branch competition, where he received a gold medal in the Filmmaking category for his project titled, Waxmen. Due to his accomplishments at the local competition, James has advanced to compete at the national competition in Baltimore, Maryland this upcoming July!

ACT-SO History

This will not be James’ first time competing at the national ACT-SO competition as he was a bronze medalist at the 2016 national competition in the Filmmaking category. He is thankful that he has been chosen to compete nationally for the second year in a row, and he plans on continuing to compete until he graduates from high school.

Three Words to Describe Feelings About National Competition

Excited, grateful and humble. James is excited about the upcoming competition because, although he competed last year, this is still an exhilarating experience for him. He enjoys trying new things that provide him with a challenge, so that he can push himself and reach new heights. He is grateful to have been given the opportunity to do what he loves and be critiqued by experts who can give him professional advice on how to improve his craft. Lastly, he feels humbled because ACT-SO allows people of color to showcase and be recognized for their skills and talents on a national level. James feels fortunate to be able to participate in this competition and compete against other very talented students from all across the country.

Nerves & Excitement

James feels a bit more relaxed going into this year’s national competition compared to last year’s competition. He is not particularly nervous about anything and is more focused on living in the moment and taking in the whole experience. James is looking forward to reconnecting with other ACT-SO students that he met last year and improving and expanding his filmmaking skills.


“Do it. It’s fun, and you get to meet like-minded people who are very supportive.” – James Wilcox

We wish you the best of luck, James, in the 2017 national competition!


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