Nervous. Excited. Grateful.

Lien TangLien Tang is a rising senior from Manzano High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was originally attracted to the ACT-SO program because it focuses on both the arts and STEM fields. She was also interested in the opportunity to meet new people who have similar interests and passions as she does. Lien competed at the 2017 local Albuquerque ACT-SO branch competition in the Biology category, where she received a gold medal for her project titled, Drosophila Mutant holdup Arises from a Mutation in a Gene Required for Muscle Integrity. Due to her accomplishments in the local competition, Lien has advanced to compete at the national competition in Baltimore, Maryland this upcoming July!

Three Words to Describe Feelings about National Competition

Nervous, excited and grateful. Lien is a bit nervous because this is her first time competing in the national ACT-SO competition and she is unsure of what to expect. Despite her anxieties, she is excited and grateful for the opportunity to share her work with others and meet new people from around the country.

Nerves & Excitement

Lien is most nervous about the competition as a whole and presenting her project, since this will be her first experience competing nationally. At the same time, she is also excited to showcase her work and is looking forward to sharing her research with others and engaging with new students. From this competition, Lien hopes to gain experience and confidence in presenting her findings as well as forming connections with other students who are passionate about the same subjects as she is.


“Pursue something you are truly passionate about and stay hardworking and determined.” – Lien Tang

We wish you the best of luck, Lien, in the 2017 national competition!



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