Nervous. Happy. Hopeful.


Jameria Stevenson (far left) wearing her medals at the 2017 local Kansas City ACT-SO branch competition.

Jameria Stevenson graduated from African Centered Preparatory Academy in Kansas City, Missouri in 2017. In the fall, she will attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in New York, New York,  where she plans to study Theater Arts. She was initially attracted to the ACT-SO program because it presented her with an opportunity to perform and compete against other talented performers to earn college scholarships. Jameria was also interested in the program because it allows Black youth the be properly represented in areas in which they are often underrepresented. She competed in the 2017 local Kansas City ACT-SO branch competition in the Dramatics category, where she received a gold medal for her performance of Nat Turner’s monologue, Last Struggle. Due to her accomplishments at the local competition, Jameria has advanced to compete at the national competition in Baltimore, Maryland this upcoming July!

Three Words to Describe Feelings about National Competition

Nervous, happy and hopeful. Jameria is nervous about traveling to Baltimore and disappointing herself and her family. She wants to be able to compete with the best talent in the nation and make her family proud. She is so happy and proud that she has made it this far and that her work was considered good enough to compete against some of the most talented and creative minds in the country.  Lastly, she feels hopeful because she believes that this competition could open doors for her that will lead her to great success in her future career.

Nerves & Excitement

Besides the natural pressure she has placed upon herself to perform well at this competition and make her supporters proud, Jameria is not particularly nervous about anything. She is looking forward to learning new things and seeing the city of Baltimore. She is also looking forward to growing throughout this competition and bettering herself as an individual and a performer. She hopes to gain valuable knowledge from everyone at the competition and network with people who could help her pursue her dreams, even if she does not win a medal.

Thank You ACT-SO

Jameria is beyond grateful for the opportunity to travel to Baltimore to compete at the national competition. She is also thankful to have been able to voice her sentiments about the ACT-SO program and the competition on this platform. Jameria would like to give a huge thank you to everyone on the ACT-SO board as well for all that they do to better the lives of Black youth.


“Go for it! You have absolutely nothing to lose, and it’s a process that’s so exhilarating, but so worth it in the end! You will love it.” – Jameria Stevenson

We wish you the best of luck, Jameria, in the 2017 national competition!


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