Excited. Passionate. Grateful.

Tayla OliverTayla Oliver is a rising junior at Rio Ranch High School in Rio Ranch, New Mexico. She was originally attracted to the ACT-SO program because it was founded by the renowned and reputable NAACP organization. She competed in the 2017 local Albuquerque ACT-SO branch competition in the Entrepreneurship category, where she won a gold medal for her project titled, Giving Hope Inc. Due to her accomplishments at the local competition, Tayla has advanced to compete at the national competition in Baltimore, Maryland this upcoming July!

ACT-SO History

Tayla competed at the 2016 local Albuquerque ACT-SO branch competition in the Entrepreneurship category and received a gold medal. She then traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to compete in the national competition, where, unfortunately, she did not place for her project titled, Tayla and Company. However, she is truly grateful for her experience and is excited to compete nationally again this year.

Three Words to Describe Feelings about National Competition

Excited, passionate and grateful. Tayla is not only excited to meet new people, but also to reunite with other ACT-SO participants that she has met in previous competition years. She is passionate about the ACT-SO program’s mission, which has allowed her to express herself and has introduced her to her new passion. Lastly, she is grateful for the opportunities that the ACT-SO competition has provided her to better her present life and future.

Nerves & Excitement

Tayla is far more comfortable competing in this year’s national competition than she was last year. She now knows what to expect and has friends who she can mingle and converse with this time around. She is nervous about finding out the results of the competition because it is always a nerve-wracking experience. She is looking forward to engaging with all of the different students from around the country who will be gathered together at this event. In addition to having an unforgettable experience at the competition, Tayla hopes to step even further outside of her comfort zone to try new things and explore new interests.


“Absolutely do it. It is such a great experience, and you meet so many positive-spirited people with such a creative outlet.” – Tayla Oliver

We wish you the best of luck, Tayla, in the 2017 national competition!



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