actso winners“The NAACP’s Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) is a yearlong achievement program designed to recruit, stimulate, and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African-American high school students.”

This blog site was created for and about the NAACP ACT-SO program, specifically for its talented young students. It accentuates the significance of ACT-SO and the critical role it plays in these competitors lives. ACT-SO Victorious Stories features current 2017 local ACT-SO winners who will be competing at the national competition in Baltimore, Maryland this July. It serves as a way for competitors to familiarize themselves with each other by bonding through their shared experiences and sentiments about competing at the national level.

This site also includes a page titled, ACT-SO Victorious Veterans, which serves as student profiles created to highlight the lives of previous national ACT-SO competition winners and their personal experience with the program. This spotlight gives general viewers, along with current high school ACT-SO competitors, a chance to see how ACT-SO has had and continues to have an everlasting impact on these individuals’ lives. It also creates a space for open dialogue between past and current ACT-SO competitors to receive valuable advice and words of wisdom from seasoned national ACT-SO winners. ACT-SO Victorious Veterans gives recognition to previous national ACT-SO competitors for their hard work, time and dedication to the program, which is still being honored and appreciated to this day.

ACT-SO is not only about competing for a gold medal; it is far more than that. As this year’s theme states: victory in everything. ACT-SO allows aspiring young students to find confidence in their purpose in this world. It instills great pride and a strong sense of achievement in these students by encouraging them to pursue their dreams and make their own unique mark on society. ACT-SO brings forth victory in everything, celebrating both the historical and current victories of not only these brilliant young students, but the African American community as a whole. This program challenges its students to reach their fullest potential, while also serving as an avid support system on which they can always fall back.

ACT-SO is about community. ACT-SO is about uplifting spirits. ACT-SO is about creating a better present and future. Find victory within yourself, because if you believe you can, then ACT-SO!


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