Competing in the national NAACP ACT-SO competition can be an overwhelming time; long hours of practice, anxiety about performing on such a large stage, wanting to make everyone around you proud. There are numerous components that go into participating in the national competition that can become quite stressful; however, there are also countless enjoyments that accompany them. Working through this melting pot of emotions is one of the main reasons why this blog site was created.

ACT-SO Victorious Stories features current high school students all around the world who will be competing at the 2017 national ACT-SO competition in Baltimore, Maryland. This is an opportunity for fellow national competitors to get to know and relate to one another through their shared experiences and sentiments about the competition. This is an opportunity for viewers to see a glimpse of the talented, diverse young students’ lives who will be competing nationally in less than two months. This is an opportunity to convey that the national ACT-SO competition is not merely about winning a medal, but rather it is an inspiring, life changing endeavor that impacts these students in more ways than could ever be understood externally.

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This site serves as a transparent collection of the authentic thoughts and feelings of current ACT-SO competitors in regards to the national competition. It will include stories that range from accounts about how these students originally became involved with the ACT-SO program to the uncertain emotions they are harvesting to what they are looking forward to the most throughout the competition.

ACT-SO is bigger than you and me. It gives the youth hope and confidence that they can pursue whatever truly makes their hearts beat. ACT-SO Victorious Stories is a place for ACT-SO competitors to come together and celebrate one another; because, no matter if you win or lose, ACT-SO creates memories and relationships that will last far beyond the shine of any medal.